Fees for Estates

Core Legal Services

Our standard fee for Core Legal Services is $3,000 plus 1% for the first $1,000,000 and 0.5% for any amounts in excess of $1,000,000.  These fees are based on the gross value of the Estate and do not include disbursements and GST.

At the conclusion of our services we review your matter to decide if the quoted fee is appropriate in relation to the services provided to complete the Estate. If we feel that the quoted fee is too high, we will reduce it to a fair and reasonable amount, based on the factors outlined in the Code of Professional Conduct and the Surrogate Rules.

Very occasionally, matters turn out to be more complex than originally anticipated. When this happens, there may be additional charges based on our standard billing practices. Examples of situations where additional charges would apply would be if we have to make an emergency application to Court or spend an inordinate amount of time determining the value of assets or the location of beneficiaries or dealing with a difficult beneficiary. We will advise you if it is necessary to revise our original quote.

Fees for Non-core and Other Legal Services

Turning Point Law will be happy to assist you with Non-Core Legal services. We will charge you for the time we spend on these services at our lawyer's hourly rate:

$500 per hour for Paul McLaughlin
$350 per hour for Andrew McLaughlin

The distinction between Core and Non-Core legal services is in the Surrogate Rules - 
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to read our article on the difference.


Disbursements are payments to third parties to carry your matter forward. Some examples of disbursements are courier charges, Land Titles Office fees and Corporate Registry fees. You will be responsible for paying the disbursements on your matter.

Other Charges

We do not charge for routine services such as photocopying, faxing and file administration.

Goods and Services Tax

We charge GST on all our fees and most disbursements.