Client Profile

The purpose of this Client Profile is to:

1.  Assist you to organize your financial information.

2.  Assist you to consider the issues involved in creating your documents.

3.  Assist us to thoroughly understand your situation so we can draft appropriate and effective documents.

4.  Assist your Personal Representatives, Agents and Attorneys to carry out their responsibilities when the time comes.

We ask that you fill in the Basic Information, Property and Financial Inventory, and Liabilities Information sections of the Client Profile for our initial appointment. Also, we ask that you review the Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive sections of the Client Profile for our meeting.

Please keep in mind that the Client Profile is designed to provide us with the background information we need for your documents. If some of the questions don't apply to you, just leave those areas blank. If the Client Profile does not capture all the complexities of your family or business relationships, or you are unsure of any sections, please note the areas where you feel we need a further explanation. We will discuss the Client Profile with you in detail at our appointment.

To simplify the wording of some of the questions in this Client Profile, we wrote it as though it would be filled in by one spouse on behalf of both. However, we encourage our clients to go through the Client Profile together. Also, we use "Spouse" in this Client Profile to refer to your partner whether or not you are married.