Fees for Other Services

We charge by Negotiated Set Fee or Hourly

We can negotiate a set fee or estimate a fee and then track our time for providing the legal services.  The rate charged will depend on the person doing the work. The rates for our lawyers are:

$500 per hour for Paul McLaughlin
$350 per hour for Andrew McLaughlin

Our charges includes the time we spend on telephone calls, sending and receiving emails and letters, meetings, preparation, drafting documents, travel, reviewing documents and files, research, court appearances and general time spent providing your legal services.

We charge $100 per document for notarial work and $200 for notarizing out of province transfers of land when no legal advice is involved.


Disbursements are payments to third parties to carry your matter forward. Some examples of disbursements are courier charges, Land Titles Office fees and Corporate Registry fees.

Other Charges

We do not charge for routine services such as photocopying, faxing and file administration.

Goods and Services Tax

We charge GST on all our fees and most disbursements.