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Turning Point Law Team
Wendy McLaughlin

Wendy McLaughlin

Wendy is our Estates Coordinator and has a talent for seeing and addressing issues when drafting probate Applicaitons.

Wendy is originally from Australia although she has spent her entire adult life in Canada where she obtained a BA in Canadian History and Political Science and a LLB from the University of Calgary.

After graduating from Law School in 2002, Wendy set up a legal consulting business that focused on environmental, aboriginal and administrative law as well as litigation management. Her clients included the federal government, lawyers and various environmental boards and tribunals in Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

In her spare time, Wendy is an avid traveller and nature buff. She is a Master Gardener and uses permaculture and sustainable gardening practices whenever she landscapes and gardens. She is an avid reader who enjoys hiking, kayaking and snowshoeing.

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