Andrew has drafted thousands succession documents since Turning Point Law was started in 2004. He has particular expertise in assisting blended families.

"Turning Point Law is a small, family centred law firm. As a husband-wife team, we understand the issues involved in passing your life’s work to the next generation. Our motto is, Let our family help your family. 


"Referrals from clients have been a significant driver of our law firm’s growth. The two greatest compliments we receive are when new clients tell us that they were referred to us because they were told that they could trust us to make sure it’s done right and when established clients tell us how effective our documents were when it came time to use them."


Andrew is the past chair of the Canadian Bar Association Wills, Estates and Trusts section (Northern Alberta Branch) and past president of the Edmonton Estate Planning Council. He is also an avid gardener and loves getting out on the open road on his motorcycle.


Wendy is originally from Australia although she has spent her entire adult life in Canada where she obtained a BA in Canadian History and Political Science and a LLB from the University of Calgary.


After graduating from Law School in 2002, Wendy set up a legal consulting business that focused on environmental, aboriginal and administrative law as well as litigation management. Her clients included the federal government, lawyers and various environmental boards and tribunals in Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. 

Wendy has been closely associated with Turning Point Law over the years and commenced her full time role as Estates Coordinator in 2019. 


In her spare time, Wendy is an avid traveller and nature buff. She is a Master Gardener and uses permaculture and sustainable gardening practices whenever she landscapes and gardens. She is an avid reader who enjoys hiking, kayaking and snowshoeing.


Paul is one of Alberta's most senior estates lawyers. He offers over 40 years of broad legal experience.

In addition to practicing in almost every area of law, he spent more than a decade as a practice advisor for the Law Society of Alberta, helping other lawyers with ethical and practice management issues, including how to start and build a law practice.

"When Andrew and I were designing Turning Point Law, my experience working with other lawyers was invaluable. We wanted a high-tech, high-touch, ethically-driven specialty law firm that would focus with laser-like precision on the needs of our clients. I believe we have succeeded."

Paul's practice concentrates on estate administration, farm succession planning, business succession planning and tax.


Paul is the author of numerous books and articles on legal, practice management and other topics. In his spare time he is also a traveler, a poet, a photographer, a motorcyclist, and a stand-up comedian.


Catherine has lived in Edmonton her entire life.

She worked in a variety of settings before joining Turning Point Law in 2016. 

Catherine works with Andrew in the wills practice. She is also our "manager of first impressions", being the person at the front desk who greets our clients when they arrive at our office.

"Turning Point Law has a wonderful family atmosphere. It makes me want to come to work every day.

"Moreover, I love being responsible for helping our clients feel at ease when they come to our office. We discuss some pretty difficult topics with them, and it's important that they feel safe and respected here."

When asked what she does in her spare time outside of work, she responded, "I'm a hockey mom. I don't have spare time."

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