Covid-19 Statement

The health and safety of our clients and staff is the utmost importance to Turning Point Law. 

We remain open during this crisis and are meeting wtih clients by appointment.  Where possible, we are communicating with clients remotely (telephone, Zoom and Skype) and when we meet with clients to sign documents, we are:

• Maintaining a social distance between clients and staff, including implementing a no hand shake policy.

• Regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces, particularly areas that clients use.

• Requiring staff to clean hands regularly.

• Any staff who have family members who are infected to self-isolate and follow the protocol outlined by Alberta Health Services.

Paul McLaughlin's new role

After 46-years as a lawyer and practice management advisor, Paul McLaughlin has withdrawn from day-to-day involvement in Turning Point Law.

Paul graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1974 and started in private practice in Hamilton and Dundas, Ontario, then moved to Alberta in 1981 as a corporate counsel for Shell Canada Resources Ltd. He returned to private practice in Calgary, then joined the Practice Advisors Office at the Law Society of Alberta, where for 15 years, he assisted lawyers with practice management, procedural and ethical advice.

Paul left the Law Society in 2005 to establish Turning Point Law with his son, Andrew. However, it is now time for him to move into the background, though he will continue to support Turning Point Law in an "of counsel" role.

Paul calls himself a "starfish lawyer". When asked to explain, he tells the story of a man walking with his granddaughter by the sea. There has been a storm and thousands of starfish are littering the beach. The little girl is picking them up and throwing them back into the water one at a time. The man asks, "Why are you bothering? There are so many starfish on the beach, it won't make any difference." She holds up a stranded starfish and says, "It'll make a difference to this one."

Paul likes to think he may not have "cleared the beach", but he made a difference to a lot of starfish.

Our Story

Turning Point Law was established in 2004 as a partnership between Andrew McLaughlin and his father, Paul McLaughlin.  Andrew continues this Wills and Estates practice with his wife, Wendy McLaughlin.

The vision was, and remains, to build a law firm that delivers personalized, high quality legal services.

We called ourselves Turning Point Law to express our commitment to helping our clients find peace of mind.


We chose Sherwood Park so we would be readily accessible to clients throughout Central Alberta.

We have helped thousands of Albertans to document their wishes regarding the distribution of their property after death, and thousands more with the often emotionally charged job of administering the estate of a loved one.

We welcome new clients from all walks of life. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with peace of mind by:

  • Helping our clients to achieve their legal, financial and personal goals through expert legal services or referrals to others who have the necessary expertise.


  • Always treating people with respect and dignity.


  • Being worthy of our clients' trust.


  • Striving to ensure that our clients understand any advice we give, documents we prepare or steps we take on their behalf.

  • Exceeding our ethical responsibilities to our clients, the justice system and the public.

Our Services

Succession Documents

Enduring Powers of Attorney 
Personal Directives



Succession Planning

Estate Planing

Farm Succession Planning

Corporate Reorganizations
Estate Freezes

Family Trusts

Estate Administration 

Applications for Grants of Probate and Administration

Estate Beneficiary Representation

Estate Tax


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